Hello and welcome to my web page. I hope your day is going well, if it's not, I suggest doing something about it :P. For starters try drinking some water, it's refreshing... Here ya go, now drink up:

Bottle of water

Gulp... Gulp... Gulp...

Alright, so... You might be asking who's that person giving you water, right? Well, my name is George Azzam. I'm a graduate of the American University of Beirut, I have a BE in Electrical and Computer Engineering and I currently develop my own mobile apps and games. You can see my work on my publisher's website: Dgiapps.

The most essential tools I use for development are:

  • My text editor of choice:
  • hmm ...?!

It seems that Vim is the only necessary tool for me. In fact the first thing I look for, whenever I get a new software, is whether it has a vi plugin or not.

Anyway, browse around, checkout the games section for some fun games and the programs section for some nice software and utilities. If you wish to know a little bit more about me, you can do so here

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